Quaility Assurance

  • Disintegration Aapparatus

  • UV Spectro Photometer

  • Dissolution Apparatus

  • HPLC Machine

  • Muffe Furnace


Kamron has developed its own in house Quality Control Laboratory in which various kinds of microbiology testing, sterility testing, pyrogen testing etc are performed.

Quality assurance starts with vendor approval, validation of machines and validation of the manufacturing process. There are written Standard Operating Procedures for all activities related to production, quality control etc.

In line with the corporate policy of the company to provide quality medicines at affordable rates, the quality of a product is checked at three stages

  • During the arrival of Raw Material and Packing Material
  • In Process Quality Control (between various stages of production)
  • Final Quality Control Approval for dispatch (after completion of production).

There are dedicated clearly marked areas for Under testing materials, Approved materials and Rejected Materials.

During the production, the product is checked for its disintegration time, friability, hardness, weight, sterility etc using the diverse apparatus installed in the extensive quality control laboratory.

Testing is done in line with the guidelines specified in Indian Pharmacopeia and the United States Pharmacopeia to precisely ascertain the microbial limits, assay, dissolution and the impurities in the product using sophisticated instruments like the High Profile Liquid Chromatography (H.P.L.C.), the Ultra Violet Spectrophotometer etc. before it is passed by the Quality Control department for final dispatch.

Even after the final product is approved for quality, a specified amount of product is retained with the Quality Control department uptill a period of 6 months after its expiry date for the purpose of records and to validate quality in-case of any quality issues.

Appropriate systems have been put in place by the Quality Control department to conduct Product Recall in case of quality issues.

Because of its continuous efforts to strive for quality Kamron has been able to successfully establish its goodwill in India and in all its exporting countries.