INVESTORS – Annual Reports, Notices & Results

Financials adorn a primary role in determining the growth prospects and long-term sustainability of any organisation. This section takes you through the annual reports, notices & Results of General Meetings.
Financial Year Annual Reports Book Closure and E- Voting Notice Consolidated scrutinizer’ Report AGM Transcripts MGT-7 Form
2022-23 Annual Report-2022-23 Notice-2022-23 Report-2023-23 35th AGM
2021-22 Annual Report-2021-22 Notice-2021-22 Report-2021-22 34th AGM MGT-7
2020-21 Annual Report-2020-21 Notice-2020-21 Report-2020-21 33rd AGM  
2019-20 Annual Report-2019-20 Notice-2019-20 Report-2019-20    
2018-19 Annual Report-2018-19 Notice-2018-19 Report-2018-19    
2017-18 Annual Report-2017-18 Notice-2017-18 Report-2017-18    
2016-17 Annual Report-2016-17 Notice-2016-17 Report-2016-17  
2015-16 Annual Report-2015-16 Notice-2015-16 Report-2015-16  
2014-15 Annual Report-2014-15 Notice-2014-15 Report-2014-15  
2013-14 Annual Report-2013-14