Sr.No. Brand Name and Composition Strength Packing
1 Sterile Diluent For Reconstitution of Nd, Ib, Ibd & Combination Vaccines    10 ml/ 20 ml/ 30 ml 1X10ML
  For Poultry ( For Veterinary Use) 36 ml/70 ml/ 90 ml
  Each ml Contains:  
  Sodium Chloride IP 8mg
  Potassium Chloride IP 0.2mg
  Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate IP 0.2mg
  Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate 12H2O IP 2.9 mg
2 B Complex Liver Extract With Vitamin B12 Inection   1x10ml
  Staliv (Veterinary Use Only) 10ml/30ml/100ml
  Each ml Contains (Multi Dose)  
  Thiamine Hydrochloride IP 10 mg
  Riboflavine  IP 3mg
  Niacinamide IP 100mg
  Cynocobalamine IP 10mcg
  Liver Injection Crude  0.66 ml
  (Having Vitamin B-12 Activity eq to 2 mcg of B12/ml)  
  Phenol IP (As Preservative) 0.50%
3 Nimesulide Injection 10 % w/v   1x15ml
  Nikam Injection (for Veterinary  Use Only)              15ml/50ml/100ml
  Each ml contains:  (Multi dose)  
  Nimesulide BP 100mg
  Polyethylene glycol 400 IP (Oily base) Eq. to 1ml
4 Chlorpheniramine Injection IP   1x10ml
  Kamrin Injection (for Veterinary Use Only)         10 ml/30 ml
  Each ml Contains:  (Multi dose)  
  Chlorpheniramine Meleate  IP 10mg
  Phenylmercuric Nitrate IP (As Preservative) 0.002w/v
5 Triflupromazine Hydrochloride Injection IP   1x5ml
  Hexidil Injection 5 ml (for Veterinary Use Only) 5ml
  Each ml Contains:  
  Triflupromazine Hydrochlride IP 20mg
  Benzyl Alcohol IP (As a Preservative) 1.5%w/v
  Sodium Chloride IP  (Isotonicity) 0.2%w/v
6 Triamcinolone Acctonide Injection IP   1x5ml
  Kamsolog 5 ml (for Veterinary Use Only) 5ml
  Each ml Contains:  
  Triamcinolone Acetonide IP 6 mg
  Benzyle Alcohol IP (As Preservative) 0.9%W/V
7 Triamcinolone  Acetonide IP    
  Each ml contains :    
  Triamcinolone  Acetonide IP 6mg  
  Benzyl Alcohol IP   0.90%  
  Water for Injection IP Q.S  
8 Anti-Inflamatory & Analgesic   Injection    
  Each ml contains    
  Phenylbutazone IP  150 mg  
  Analgin IP 150 mg  
  Lignocaine Hydrochloride IP. 10 mg  
  Benzyl Alcohol IP 2 %v/v  
  Water for Injection IP Q.S  
9 Tetracyclin- bolus Tablets    
  Each bolus Contains    
  Tetracyclin Hydrochloride IP 500 mg  
  Colour : Tartrazine